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Keeping the teen in juvenile court serves better the justice system, he or she will stay in the juvenile system.Call our juvenile defense attorney for more.
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The attorney for one of the teens involved in Deserae’s case is fighting to keep one of the teens in juvenile court. Although he didn’t pull the trigger he suggested the shooting after being bombarded by Turner’s snap chat. Considering his age and details of his case, he is better off in juvenile court. The boy is struggling with ADHD , cognitive development and has no criminal records. Also, there is no link with the victim. There are also other statements that prove he was not linked to the attack. if your teen is being accused of a crime or facing criminal charges, contact a Salt Lake City juvenile crime attorney today.

The case

Apparently, it was a premeditated murder plot. The girl was shot, her belongings were stolen, and she was found injured hours later in a canal in Utah. She was some time in coma and could not remember much after being awake. The two teens have been charged as juveniles but the criminal defense attorney of one of the suspects had gathered a couple of expert witnesses as well as the teen’s family to intercede on his behalf and keep him in the juvenile system.The boys are currently held at a juvenile detention facility. Their names haven’t been revealed because they are juveniles.

Utah Juvenile court system

Although juveniles are judged under the same laws, the court system is quite different. In Utah, we promote rehabilitation over punishment. Therefore our laws can be a bit more complicated. This is why you may need a well-versed Salt Lake City juvenile crime attorney to help you understand what’s going on when your teen is judged. At White & Matern we have handle numerous juvenile cases and we understand how the system works. There are some complex issues your children will have to face along the way, and you need to be prepared.

Can a minor be tried as an adult?

It all depends on the specific situation. Juveniles may be tried as an adult in Utah depending on their age and their background:

14 year-old – If the prosecutor can convince the judge that judging the teen as an adult will make justice.
16 and 17-year old – Teens in this category are automatically judged in adult court when charged with murder or if they were in the juvenile prison before. If the juvenile is charged with the SYOL felonies, which include aggravated robbery, kidnapping, burglary, arson, murder, and so on, he or she will be tried in juvenile court and then move to adult court. However, if the judged can be convinced that keeping the teen in juvenile court serves better the justice system, he or she will stay in the juvenile system. This why hiring a good juvenile defense attorney is so important. The juvenile system may not be as severe.

Hiring a Salt Lake City juvenile defense attorney

Juvenile crimes receive different forms of punishment than crimes executed by adults. Your attorney needs to be familiar with how the state handles crimes under this category. If your teen has been charged with a crime, contact us today and schedule your initial consultation with one of our Salt Lake City juvenile defense attorneys.

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