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Have you been falsely accused of a violent crime? Find out how a violent crime lawyer can help you fight an erroneous violent crime charge here.
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Facing violent crime charges is arguably a frightening experience.

Although Utah’s rate of violent crime is lower than most U.S. states, the incidence of violent criminal events continues to rise. Authorities blame the growing problem on drug use and addiction; however, in some cases, violent crime charges are erroneous.

Common Types of Utah Violent Crime Charges

In Utah, armed robbery remains one of the most frequent criminal acts. However, incidents of rape, attempted rape and aggravated assault also are increasing.

Armed robbery, in comparison to rape and assault charges, is a charge that’s fairly straightforward and easy to prove, especially since many robbery sites have security cameras or surveillance equipment.

For those charged with attempted rape or aggravated assault charges, the problem is just the opposite: no video or audio typically exists to prove their innocence.

Fighting a “He Said/She Said” Criminal Charge

The law enforcement and legal community understand the importance of protecting victims’ rights and not marginalizing potential crimes committed against them.

Consequently, when someone reports that he or she has been the victim of a violent crime, the police may err on the side of caution. And while it is extremely rare, some unscrupulous people may make baseless allegations to harm or punish you.

The most effective way to disprove false allegations is to let an experienced criminal defense lawyer take the lead.

Enlist a Criminal Defense Attorney to Build Your Case

Violent crime charges are serious business in Utah. A rape conviction, for example, is a first-degree felony punishable by five years to life in prison. Domestic violence convictions take away your right to own or carry a firearm, even for hunting. Large fines also accompany criminal convictions of this nature, and you also may lose your right to future professional licensure.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand the complex processes of arraignment, booking and bail, and prepare legal documents for your case. Your lawyer can explain your rights under the law and ensure that those rights are protected every step of the way.

Most important, a good lawyer can work to have erroneous charges reduced or dropped.

Above all, your criminal defense attorney will ensure that law enforcement and the court system has all the information they need to view your case objectively and fairly.

If you have been accused of aggravated assault, rape, aggravated sexual assault or another violent crime, contact the Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates immediately. The sooner we can investigate, the better our chances of uncovering evidence that can help in your case. For 25 years, we have been dedicated to criminal defense, and our experience can make the difference for your future.

With convenient locations in Murray, St. George and the Salt Lake City area, we are standing by to assist you with any Utah violent crime charges.

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