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Have you been accused of a sex crime in Utah? Find out how you can fight sex crime charges effectively with a good defense lawyer here.
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In Utah, sex crimes charges are as potentially damaging as they are frightening. If the prosecutor is able to secure a conviction, your life will be forever changed.

The justice system can be complex and intimidating. Social pressures compel the system to attack suspected sex criminals especially hard, and you will be pushed to accept a plea deal.

To successfully fight sex crimes charges, you will have to take an aggressive stance and ensure that you mount a strong defense.

The Emotional Side of Sex Crimes Charges

Criminal charges relating to sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape or forcible sodomy stir a highly emotional response from the public. Even if the charges are completely fabricated, the accused is sometimes tried and convicted in the media and the court of public opinion.

If the crime involves a minor or a child under 14, the issue becomes even more emotionally charged. In fact, it can be challenging to seat a truly impartial jury, because despite their claims or even their own beliefs that they can be impartial, many jurors carry biases anyway.

These are just some of the reasons it is so important to begin the fight immediately to get sex crimes charges dropped.

Sex Crimes Defense Strategies

In our extensive experience in Utah criminal cases, we have learned the most effective ways to mount a successful defense.

The first order of business is building a strong enough case that the prosecutor is forced to drop the charges against you. This involves an aggressive quest to gather evidence and talk to potential witnesses to help our case.

If allegations are made weeks or months after an alleged incident took place, this can provide further opportunity to explore the reasons for the delay and search for ulterior motives the accuser may have for waiting. In these sex crimes cases, corroborating evidence can be difficult for the prosecution to produce.

Registration Requirements for Utah Sex Crimes Charges

Even if the prosecution has a weak case, you still will face many challenges as the process unfolds. One important consideration involves the sex offender registry and how your alleged crime may require you to register, if you are convicted.

The Utah sex crimes laws are modified frequently, but today, you might be surprised at the crimes for which you must register as a sex offender. For example, solicitation of a prostitute involves a 10-year registration requirement.

Before you even consider taking a plea deal on a charge that you believe to be less serious, contact an experienced Utah criminal defense attorney. You aren’t likely to get the straight story from law enforcement or the prosecutor.

The only person you can truly trust to be on your side in this is your lawyer. And because your future depends on it, be careful with your choice.

The Law Offices of David Paul White & Associates understands what is at stake if you have been charged with a crime of this nature. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation, before you engage in any conversations or discuss the charges with anyone, including law enforcement personnel.

We have offices in Murray, St. George and Salt Lake City, or we will come to you if you already have been taken into custody on sex crimes charges.

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