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If you have been charged for a crime, call White and Matern, PLLC - Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer who get the favorable results for your situation.
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For almost a decade, he was America’s favorite father – Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable. Everyone in the country sat glued to their television set every Thursday night mesmerized by “The Cosby Show.” Dr. Huxtable; his attorney wife, Claire and their children: Theo, Vanessa, Rudy, Denise and Sondra made America laugh, cry and feel all the emotions of the ideal nuclear family. It was as perfect as perfect could get. We all wanted to be a part of their family, or at least have a cool dad like Dr. Huxtable. But lately, the image of one of television’s most iconic and groundbreaking shows has been severely tarnished by accusations of serious criminal behavior by the man who played the patriarch of the clan – Bill Cosby.

For years there were rumors that Bill Cosby had allegedly sexually assaulted women from as far back as his days on “I Spy” in the 1960s. But the allegations were often either dismissed or buried under a legal mountain. Not until a few years ago did they start to resurface, and now prosecutors are doggedly going after America’s most beloved dad. Hiring an aggressive criminal defense attorney is his line of defense, and it should be for anyone facing criminal charges in Salt Lake City. Finding an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City when you are accused or charged with a serious offense can mean the difference between hard jail time, or walking away a free person.

Being accused of a criminal act can cost you more than your reputation in the community. It can damage your finances; cost you your job, and even your family friends. Most of all, it can cost you your freedom if you are convicted. Finding an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City to take your case is your number one priority in that situation. White and Matern, PLLC have some of the most reputable and aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Salt Lake City. They have defended numerous clients with outstanding results.

If You Are Being Arrested:

Do not resist. Resisting arrest only adds to your legal issues. It can make things worse. You do not plead your case to the arresting officer; comply with their commands.

Do not answer any questions without legal counsel. Many people feel if they are innocent they do not need an attorney present during questioning. That is a common mistake made by so many defendants. Self-incrimination during questioning could prove to come back and be detrimental to your case.

Find an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City who has the experience it takes to get the most favorable results for your situation.

If you have been accused or charged for a crime, do not hesitate to call White and Matern, PLLC. They have the legal tools in place for taking on any client. Their reputation for success is stellar, and they handle every case with care, compassion and conviction. Contact them today if you are in need of representation.

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