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David Paul White & Associates provide experienced, aggressive defense representation to individuals facing criminal charges across Utah. Please call 801-266-4185 to schedule a free consultation with a Utah criminal defense attorney.
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Utah Criminal Lawyer For State And Federal Defense Representation

At the Law Offices of White & Matern, PLLC, we provide experienced, aggressive defense representation to individuals facing criminal charges throughout the state. Please call 801-266-4185 to schedule a free consultation with a Utah criminal defense attorney.

In addition to Salt Lake City, we represent people throughout the state. Learn more about our St. George criminal defense practice.


Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of David Paul White and Associates, we provide experienced, aggressive defense representation to individuals facing criminal ... Read More

Cruelty To Animals Defense

Animal cruelty is a criminally prosecuted offense in Utah. Animal rights are protected by various state and federal laws. Any person found to be ... Read More

Disorderly Conduct Attorney

Disorderly conduct is kind of the catch-all criminal charge for a crime that involves something potentially disturbing to the public. As you can ... Read More

Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug crimes are met with severe punishments in the State of Utah. Criminal charges such as possession of drug paraphernalia, drug use, and minor ... Read More

DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with a drunk driving (DUI) offense in Salt Lake City, you should count on the advice of an experienced attorney who can ... Read More

Hate Crimes

There are few things that can ruin a person’s reputation more than getting charged with a hate crime. Salt Lake City police have reported ... Read More

Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Because juveniles are increasingly committing more serious crimes, the state is more frequently seeking to have juvenile offenders certified as ... Read More

Kidnapping Attorney

When an individual is taken or held against his or her will, whether that person is a child or an adult, kidnapping charges could be placed ... Read More

Probation & Parole Violations Attorney

Accusations of violating parole or probation can put your freedom in jeopardy. If you have been charged with parole violation, probation ... Read More

Resisting Arrest Lawyer

Resisting arrest charges are typically related to the physical resistance or not cooperating with a law enforcement officer who is trying to ... Read More

White Collar Crimes

Charges of white collar crimes, such as embezzlement or fraud, are complicated matters. I am a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney David ... Read More

Gun Charges Lawyer

If you are facing gun charges, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help. My name is David Paul White and I have spent more than 25 years ... Read More

Internet Crimes Attorney

Use of the Internet to commit crime may be considered a federal crime. If you are charged with a federal crime, your attorney must have ... Read More

Violent Crimes Attorney

From threats and fistfights to homicide, violent crimes cover a wide range of offenses. One element they all have in common, however, is the need ... Read More

Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft is most simply defined as when one person takes personal property of some value from another person, with specific intent to permanently ... Read More

Sex Crimes Attorney

I am Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney David Paul White. For more than 25 years, I have stood up for the rights of people accused of sex ... Read More

What our happy clients are saying

Good attorney, good friend. I would recommend Mr. White to anyone. Mr. White has completed work for our company for over 12 yrs. He has my trust.

The service I received from David Paul White, was not only excellent, but also far above and beyond what I would have expected from any attorney I could have hired. Not only are his prices fair and reasonable, but he is honest, hardworking, and understanding of his clients. At one point during court, the prosecutor had made up her mind and written out her notes and we had even begun discussing payment and trial options, when David went and spoke to her. There was absolutely no reason for him to do so, he was losing out on payment to continue with a trial, yet he spoke to her about my situation and I was saved countless more fees and court times. I couldn't describe what a great experience I've had with him and I would recommend him to anyone wanting a reliable, competent, and overall excellent attorney to represent them.

I was more than impressed with the services I received from Mr. David Paul White, he was very diligent and ethical in his dealings. He was great, honest, and very professional on all aspects. I highly recommend him, he was worth every dollar I paid him and more! We need more lawyers like him, I would go recommend him in a heartbeat. I am more than satisfied with the outcome. Thank you!!

My good friend that is very prominent in the legal world referred me to David. I can say today that David was a champion for me. He fought for me each day, returned every phone call, and was there for not only me, but for my whole family. He has a great relationship with the folks he works around and that could have only been formed by someone that is honest, sincere and of high moral character.

I was very pleased with Mr. White's work and the outcome. Again, thanks for taking my case.

I was facing multiple criminal charges and thought my life was over. I hired David Paul White and he explained the process from beginning to end, it made the process that much easier. I knew I was in the right hands when I came to his office. David asked lots of questions and was very understanding of my situation. He`s very professional and exceptionally reasonable about giving his time to his clients. David let me know it was okay to call him anytime I ever had any questions or concerns, and he really eased all my worries. He is truly a jewel in his profession because he listens to his client and acts in a clear and deliberate manner to protect not only his client`s interests but their integrety, as well. I wish there were more criminal defense practitioners with the personable expertise that he has. I am very happy with the outcome of my case, he really went the extra mile for me. It`s rare to meet somebody and immediately know they truly have your best interests at heart. Very highly recommended.

Mr. White represented me in two criminal matters. His services were excellent. He was truly professional. Mr. White is highly recommended by me to represent anyone with criminal matter. Thank you Mr. White.

David was phenomenal in helping me with my case. His knowledge and calm demeanor made me confident in hs ability to help in my situation. David was always available to me and always took my calls even when he was on the road. David was always on top of our case. Even though he has other clients, David always made me feel like I mattered and always had my best interest at heart. I couldn't have gotten through this without David.

The personal attention my family experienced by David Paul White and his whole staff was awesomely phenomenal. His personal attention and dedication to our family member's case went a step above and beyond anything we expected.


Working with Mr. White has been a real pleasure. During my entire legal process he has been approachable and professional. Whenever I had question and would call him he would always answer and take time to explain me everything. I'm very happy and satisfied with the outcome of my case. I definitely recommend Mr White to anyone who is looking for any legal help.


Recenlty we needed to find a criminal defense attorney for a family member.  We contacted David White and retained him to represent us.  David was excellent in his representation.  He was very responsive, knows the law and helped us tremendously.  He has a great sense of urgency and is driven to represent you in your best interests.  If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney that has integrity and is honorable, I would highly recommend David White.  We would hire him again with no reservations.


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The Law Offices of White & Matern, PLLC represent individuals across the Intermountain West and Utah in criminal defense matters, including those in Salt Lake County and Washington County as well as the cities of Salt Lake City, St. George, Logan, Brigham City, Provo, Orem, West Valley City, Sandy, Murray, Kearns, Draper, Park City, Tooele, Bountiful, Ogden, Layton, South Jordan, Taylorsville, Vernal, Price, Tremonton and Heber City

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