It can be a helpless feeling. A DUI arrest can have devastating effects on your future. It can cost a person their driver’s license, their job and even their freedom. But it does not need to happen. Having an experienced and knowledgeable Ogden DUI lawyer on your side can make a tremendous difference and help clear your name. Utah has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation. It only takes one arrest to damage your reputation. Ogden police and law enforcement are cracking down on drunk driving. Their primary focus is to gather evidence and build their case against the suspect. That is why it is vital to have an Ogden DUI lawyer who will work diligently to protect your rights.

Experience You Can Trust

My name is Daniel Matern and I am a criminal defense attorney who had the opportunity to work with David Paul White of counsel for several years. Over the years, I have successfully represented countless people who were accused of driving under the influence. When it comes to DUI arrests in Ogden, the police are not always correct. In fact, many DUI arrests are the result of police error and careless law enforcement. In many cases, an arresting officer may fail to provide a suspect their Miranda Rights. Other DUI arrests are sometimes the result of faulty and unreliable breathalyzers. Some cases, police will use unnecessary intimidation to bully a DUI suspect. This is simply not acceptable. If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is vital to clear your name and record.

Protecting the Rights of Clients

Many people who are arrested for DUI in Ogden do not properly understand their rights. The consequences can be severe. I have successfully provided legal representation and counsel for countless people arrested for DUI. Ogden police and law enforcement are very aggressive when it comes to motorists caught drinking and driving. My focus is to protect the rights of each client and to always look after their best interests.

Many of my clients are responsible citizens with clean driving records. Unfortunately, it does not take many drinks for a person to get arrested for DUI. When a motorist is stopped by police for suspected drunk driving, police officers can often make mistakes. Any sign of disrespect towards a police officer can get a driver into trouble. It can also influence what is written in a police report. Too often, many people are treated unfairly by law enforcement. My job is to make sure each client is treated fairly and receives the best defense under the full extent of the law. I utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help to place each client in the best position to succeed. It is part of my commitment of helping each client achieve the best possible results.

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If you have been charged with a DUI, it can seem like the whole world is against you. Your reputation has been soiled and your job could be placed in jeopardy. The first important step to clear your name is to contact an experienced Ogden DUI lawyer with a proven track record of providing strong defense and fighting for the rights of each client. To learn more, contact White & Matern, PLLC and take the first important step to regaining your freedom and peace of mind.